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Panos Antonopoulos, Co-Founder and ICT Consultant in InterMediaKT

This week iWith.Org host international group of youth workers who are wiiling to learn about online education in the framework of Turn Online project.  7 coutries, 15 study sessions and a docents of digital tools that we are going to discover! InterMediaKT has collaborated with this Strategic Partnership project. 


What is InterMediaKT?I

InterMediaKT is a non-profit organisation based in Patras, Greece, working since 2012 as a broker for vocational education, training and innovation at the European level. Through technology tools, collaborations and exchange of good practices, we try to achieve our main aim of Knowledge Transfer.
What are your goals?

Promoting Knowledge Transfer as a mean, merging education, training and innovation, as a key for a more informed, participative and inclusive society.

For us, Knowledge Transfer is the art of sharing, not only teaching or learning, but exchanging information, knowledge, skills, techniques, methods, good practices on a diversity of topics and subjects. Whenever constructive and meaningful exchange occurs, the transfer of knowledge happens.
You define yourself as an entity that disseminates ICT knowledge. What kind of technological tools do you use? 

Depending on the task, we use a variety of digital tools, like e-learning tools and platforms, multimedia and animation tools, interactive storytelling tools and more. And  social media of course, which are very important for disseminating news and knowledge, promotion of campaigns and networking purposes.
We would like to point out that we are strong supporters of the open source software and initiatives.
To whom do you direct this type of knowledge? 

We work for local communities, and we connect local communities at the international level, enhancing a positive change from local to global level through exchange and cooperation. Our main beneficiaries are all the people that find in education a key to succeed in positive change and improvement for themselves and their society, including all ages, competences, skills and social background.
and through what activities or projects do you do it? 

InterMediaKT consists of a team of experts with diverse backgrounds, all experienced and capable to implement projects within the framework of  European and International programmes. Using our wide network and connections, we have successfully reached many target groups and achieved significant results like:

Supporting youth entrepreneurship, education and training (age 18-35)
- by implementing and participating in training courses and seminars on various fields (youth and social entrepreneurship, soft skills, digital skills etc.) we have facilitated the free of charge participation for hundreds of people in Patras and given the opportunity to hundreds young Greeks to participate in transnational trainings abroad
 -ensuring that knowledge is indiscreetly accessible to all, by uploading multimedia material online.
- creating educational, e-learning platforms and training course material for youth workers

Educating students 10-16 by:
- being part in projects about safety on the web and cyberbullying, aiming to guide students through the proper use of the Internet and inform them about the risks of cyber-bullying
- offering free programming lessons to more than 1000 students in rural areas who have fewer opportunities to interact with technology (via Junior Coding Academy project funded by Google), achieving a goal of 60% of the participants being girls and 15% refugee and migrant children

Supporting vulnerable social groups by:
- participating in EU projects in the field of autism, aiming to create innovative tools to assist the professionals working with autism, as well as assisting the young adults with autism and their access to professional life
- applying media literacy education in shaping the ways in which the immigrant crisis is presented in the media and in which it is perceived by EU in order to create a charter of recommendations for EU policy makers
- documenting accessible points and routes for people with movement disabilities via “Accessible Routes” project. The project is running for 3 years now, mapping 10 Greek cities and was awarded by “Nisides Poiotitas 2017” Award by the hand of the President of the Hellenic Republic
You have collaborated with the Strategic Partnership project TURN ONline. How do you value this experience? 

Turn Online is a project which greatly conveys our philosophy as an organization. Promoting digital tools and putting them in the service of organizations working human rights and peace building is for us a stepping stone in the bridge between technology and civil society.

Working in Turn Online has been a great experience in which we have been given the chance to provide our expertise in ICT but also to learn a lot, through the interactions with young people and other like-minded organizations, achieving once more our ultimate goal of Knowledge Transfer! 

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