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Headline news ends the project web of the 'Lliga dels Drets dels Pobles'

From we are happy to announce that we have completed a project that has made us a special enthusiasm to work on it. We have just launched the new website of the League of Peoples' Rights, an entity whose objective is the defense of human rights and the rights of peoples, the promotion of the culture of peace and the social transformation from respect mutual and solidarity.

This video summarizes the values and projects of the entity:

During the advisory session we worked on many aspects of the web and communication on the Internet to help the entity improve its online presence.

- Web Tool

The 'Lliga' has a main web: through which several sub projects were derived:

Some of these projects were worked with Joomla and others with Wordpress. From we recommend simplifying and using all these projects in a single tool to give a more unified response to the entity's needs that were mainly: having independence and ease of content editing.

- Editing in context

The entire web had to be able to be editable by La Liga and that is why we recommended using the Abcore Cadí platform. A software that allows you to work without losing the context of the web with all the integrated communication tools.

- Design

The League aimed to homogenise the design of all web spaces, and in this sense, we considered it necessary to reunite the projects under the same brand criteria. In addition, we made a new, more attractive, responsive design.

The new website has been developed based on the needs of the League. The page is full of functionalities that allow to simplify the life of the entity. For example, to write the main text of an event in one go and, later, to easily create the news; the calendar; the map; the bulletin; the different languages; the registration form, etc. All integrated, saving hours of management.

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