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Participate in the global survey 'NGO Global Technology' 2019 is the 'partner' of 'Tech for Good' for research in Spain on the use of technologies in the non-profit sector. The result of the research is added to the 'NGO Global Technology' 2019. 

The 2019 Global NGO Technology Survey is a global research project published in Arabic, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish intended to gain a better understanding of how organisations and collaborators use technology for fundraising.

Promoted by the non-profit organization 'Tech for Good' and sponsored by 'Public Interest Registry', the survey is an innovative study that aims to discover, among other data, the number of publications per week of organizations on Facebook and Twitter, how they use their web pages as fundraising tools or how, these same organizations, make use of emails for marketing and communication.
The research in which we invite you to participate this year focuses on the web, email communications, online fundraising, social networks, and data management. If you participate in a non-profit project, we invite you to collaborate in the survey through the following link.
Take the survey for the NGO Global Technology 2019.
The Public Interest Registry is a non-profit organization created by the 'Internet Society' (ISOC) in 2003 in order to administer the .org domain. In 2015, the organization launched the .ngo and .ong domains to better serve the global NGO community.
Likewise, 'Tech For Good' has around 100.000 visitors per month and more than a million followers on social networks. Currently, it is one of the largest online fundraising blogs and a professional social network that works with nonprofit organizations.
The results of the fourth edition of this global technology report will be published on September 16, 2019. Previous editions of the report also published the results of the last year on the use of technology in NGOs.
El Informe global sobre tecnología de ONG de 2018 se basa en los resultados de encuestas de 5.352 ONG en todo el mundo. To carry out the research 'Tech For Good' has chosen significant partners in 22 countries among which
Global: ICT4D Conference
USA: Foundation Center
India: NGO BOX
France WEB
Reyno Unido TechTrust
Ireland: Digital Charity Lab
The survey is 100% anonymous and will not include any questions that may reveal personal and identifying information. To participate in the survey, click on the following link.

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