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This project makes available to entities, administrations and companies 34 icons that reflect concepts that until now have not been represented or that have been shown stereotyped.
The icons simplify the reality in order to offer information and directions at a glance. With this simplification, however, they often reproduce stereotypes and even reinforce them.

Women and other non-hegemonic subjects are often invisible. In addition, when women are represented, they are socially attributed to traditional femininity (such as care, for example), perpetuating this distribution of roles. Thus, graphic design is not neutral. In the face of this reality, from Wàitala's digital ethical communication platform, together with the 'Associació Matriu' have launched the 'Icones for diversity' project, which promotes respect for diversity through the creation of free icons, stereotypes and prejudices.

The project is the result of a process of reflection initiated by both organizations, in April 2018. As a result of this process, the 'Associació Matri' has developed a report and Wàitala the kit with inclusive images.

With these icons they wanted to emphasize diversity, "in order to eradicate heteropatriarcal sexist violence and give visibility to concepts and ideas linked to solidarity and the social environment." In this way, they try to "add efforts in the generation of new visual references that affect the creation of a more rich, diverse and respectful cultural imagination, and therefore a more just and inclusive society."

The graphic material can be downloaded for free. You just have to register with an email address, where they get the download link. It is specially designed for entities of the social and solidarity economy, administrations and institutions, companies sensitive to diversity and to any person who wishes to use them in their actions of communication, signaling of shared spaces, etc.

From here you can download icons for diversity.



Source: Bocatics-en
Laura Morral
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