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This is a quick guide for those organizations that start publishing content on their new website with Abcore Cadí and want to do the work in an orderly manner.
Publishing a website is an extensive task very similar to publishing a book, and therefore requires time and organization.

If you are lucky enough to have the support of by your side and do the work in an orderly manner, it will be much easier for you.

We assume that you have already passed the process of thinking about what the web should be like, for whom you do it and what goals you pursue. If you want a help for the previous phase you can download the free ebook: '5 most important topics before creating the new website of your NGO'

Portada e-book

The first thing will be to attend the training offered by in person or in videoconference.
During the "hands-on" workshop format training, you will be able to see the design of your website and you will surely publish a page, a news, an event or a form depending on the contents you want on your website.

You already know that you can always visit the tutorials area at: to have context.

To attend the training is good idea to bring your own computer and a document with the first content you want to publish.

Now that you know what you want to publish and you know the tool, we suggest a little order.

1 - Create the menu with the minimum number of sections necessary to publish the web (later you can add or modify the ones you want)

You usually have the menu tool in Admin -> HTML Block -> Menu

Item de menú
Normally the menu will match the structure of folders and pages

2- Create the folder structure

You usually have the tool to create folders and pages in Admin -> Service Management -> Web Pages
If when creating the menu you created the sections About us, What we do, Help ... Now you can create folders / directories about us, what we do, help, etc.
If you made the menu under English language, now you create the folders under the directory en

3 - Create Pages

With the same tool you can now add pages to the corresponding directory.
Some recommendations that may be useful:
- We leave for the second phase the pages that correspond to cover, news, events, stakeholders, and in general those that use their own services.
- Start with the first section of the menu and make the first full page with your photos and links before moving on to the next one.
- Follow page by page until finishing the first section of the menu and continue with the second section until you have pages for the entire menu.
- Finally, create the cover, keeping in mind that some cover items can be fed from the news services, events, etc.

4- Create the dynamic part of the web with the corresponding services that you can see in Service Management

For example Collaborators, Links, Forms, Photos, News, Upcoming events etc.
If you have any questions, you know that you can consult the support account at

Support team


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