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We already have the 2018 Report of

2018 has been a good year for and today we present the memory document that includes the most outstanding services, projects and collaborations in which we participated during 2018.

Portada de la Memòria 2018

The document, in addition to making a brief reference to the beginnings of the Foundation and the fulfillment of our mission, highlights the prizes awarded this year and the technology, peace and training projects that have filled our activity with meaning.
The numbers in 2018 are us with pride, not so much for the number of users and projects, but, above all, for the grade of satisfaction that users have valued us, with 9 out of 10.
In addition, you will find all the information related to
What we do, where we are, economic results and the international training activities carried out during 2018.
Consult the report to discover the social impact we have achieved using information and communication technologies to help projects that improve the world.

Check the 2018 report!

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