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Mar de Ciencia wins the Web Award for projects in the scientific field

We have won the Web Awards for Science Projects at the Mar de Ciència Association.
It is a powerful project that is dedicated to the investigation, dissemination, protection and dissemination of the marine biodiversity and fund.

The objective of the "Mar de Ciència" association, which was created in May 2019, is to shed light onto the reality of marine habitats. Through the principles of sustainability, social justice, and respect for nature, they intend to show society this reality.

The association has about forty members, mainly researchers and technicians in marine sciences from the CSIC Institute of Sciences of the Sea, all of whom have the will to promote citizen participation in projects that link marine science with society and sustainability.

The main objectives of this association are to disemminate scientific knowledge of marine studies, to communicate the value that oceans have in the regulation of the climate, and, consequently, the great importance of caring for them. The association also intends on organizing specialized training courses on subjects Mariners, spreading awareness of the negative anthropic actions for the oceans, as well as coming up with possible preventative and corrective actions, working on the historical memory of the marine sciences and the relationship of mankind with the oceans while promoting gender equality, and overall enhancing inclusive and ethical work.


The entities that have taken part in the second phase and have received advice from in the field of Internet are:

Lobo Ibérico association, Catalan Scientific Comunication, Exostrato, Proyecto Instituto Español de La Voz, Nano Inventum, Quintescience, Ecourbe, Col·lectiu d'Investigació, and Prehistòria and Cetacea association. 
From, we would like to congratulate the winning project and we will offer our encouragement and support to improve the web and its presence on the Internet until 2022, which includes the creation of the web page on the Abcore Cadí platform with:
  • Accommodation
  • Design
  • Programming
  • Training of administrators
  • Web communication tools such as newsletters, events or press release service
  • Support for users
  • Accompaniment to the project

The costs of these services are assumed by until 2022, thanks to the unselfish contributions of Team de Teaming

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