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When an NGO asks what its target audience is, the first thing it will do is think about its donors. They are a very important piece of communication but not the only one. Then we tell you the different prototypes of profiles that any organization can have.
There are many actors that can be related in some way to an organization, and the communication strategy that is used must take them into account.
Knowing them is important to be able to communicate effectively with each of them. To do this, we must try to find out what their needs and motivations, and buy them with the objectives of the organization. Subsequently, a hierarchy should be established between them, in order to determine which are priority and which are not.

The Ágora Social entity proposes this profile scheme:

These are the most common public objectives and what do they expect from an organization:

Partners or donors

Recognition for your contribution. Information on the achievements of the organization. More participation options. A helpful and cordial attention.


Receive resources and / or help to solve the problem that affects them. Good management of resources.

Users (in the case of an organization that provides services)

Receive an attentive, fast and efficient service for an adequate economic consideration.

Society in general

Changes in regulations, laws, business policies and citizen attitudes in favor of the mission that the organization defends.

Local community

Positive impact on the life of the community.

Leaders of opinion

Information and proposals that allow them to have more influence when influencing public policies and attitudes of citizens.


Create collaborations that suppose a positive return for your business.

Other organizations

Alliances that allow them to exert pressure to incite changes in laws and in the behavior of society.


Information and assessments authorized to prepare your news and to form an opinion.

Public administration

Information and proposals that help them improve their policies and practices, in a climate of dialogue.


Personal and work satisfaction, good work climate, appropriate remuneration, training and promotion possibilities. Feel the pride of working in a socially useful organization.


That their participation in volunteer activities satisfies their altruistic and instrumental motivations.

Board or board of directors

Good management of resources by the team. Good performance of the organization.

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Source: Bocatics-en
Laura Morral
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