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07/09/2016 - Club EMAS website renewed with a more modern image!
On the occasion of its tenth anniversary, has improved the access to its webpage’s content and has made its visual identity more attractive.

07/10/2009 -, the catalan volunteer and entity webpage is starting a new phase
From 7 october 2009 on, after six years of existence the catalan project is starting a new phase.  The new was reborn with a brand new technologic platform, as well as a new design and the incorporation of tools 2.0 to guarantee the user's participation.

24/04/2009 - Web 2.0 Summit San Francisco 2009
Web 2.0 Summit is an annual event that connects business leaders, big thinkers, and innovative technologists who are shaping the future of the Web. It is a gathering place for international leaders of the new Web, who gather to discuss and debate the most important issues, strategies, and disruptions driving the Internet economy.

12/02/2009 - ended its particiaption in the TIC and Cooperation of Gijón event with News
The II International Encounter of the TIC for Development Cooperation, Cooperation 2.0, ended this afternoon in Gijon with the shared challenge of pushing a "Development 2.0" where all of the agents (Administration, business and third sector) will actively participate in a coordinated manner, starting with the people destined for help. This was one of the main conclusions that ended the event organized by the CTIC Foundation which united more than a hundred technology agents as well as ones from the Cooperation in Asturias during a span of three days.

12/10/2007 - Facebook: Organizations gain a space.
Facebook is a web with social utility. It was created by the Harvard University and anybody can participate in one or more than one network to be in contact with friends, class mates, collegues and, of course, the NGO you participate with, association or interest group.


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