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31/05/2011 - Nobel Peace Prize 2011 for African Women: NOPPAW
African women are the backbone of their continent and a credible alternative for a new and more humane society. That's why Italy is supporting their nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize 2011.

06/04/2010 - interviewing our beneficiaries on their use of the Internet
For our conference at the United Nations, we made a video interviewing our beneficiaries on their relationship with the Internet and their approach to communicate effectively on the web with simple tools.

27/10/2009 - invited by the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute
The 23rd of October, was invited for a conference ondevelopment and Information technologies, mobiles phones and Internet in Latin America and Africa: what benefits for the most disadvantaged? It was organized by the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3) and the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) in Castelldefels.

19/10/2009 - Mobile Phone Recycling Campaign to Protect the Environment
The mobile phones that we all use and enjoy, without thinking much about the production process, are full of the mineral coltrane. The number of genocides in the Congo that are related to the recovery of coltrane grow every day. It is a shame worldwide where other ecological tragedies of great magnitude should also be added. Nevertheless, more than thirty businesses, the majority of them Western, continue importing minerals from the Congo, regardless of such tragic politics. Easy equation.

24/08/2009 - Ideas of Latin American and African Young People are Awarded

The call, made by  Fundación CTIC through the initiative, takes the shape of a “Contest of Innovative Ideas for Human Development through Information Technologies and Comunication”. The projects selected will be carried out with the assistance of this Foundation.

03/10/2008 - A solidarity technology caravan, via Reursa, one of its beneficiaries, has managed to get computers that will be able to bring the ICT to the North of Africa via a solidarity caravan, which will visit Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal and Gambia.

26/05/2008 - Ghana - Gain a smile: attend a beautiful solidarity concert
A tenor, a violinist, two pianists and the members of the NGO Ghana - Gain a smile that support rural African orphanages invites you, on June 12th, to an intimate concerto so that the music becomes a good excuse to gain smiles.

11/04/2008 - Meeting Centered on Human Rights in Africa held in Barcelona
For the first time, human rights were analysed from the voices of their actors, a fact made possible by the meeting organised by ADANE and CEA in Barcelona.

20/06/2007 - A challenge for ICT’s and their penetration in Sub-Saharan Africa

The NGO Benin-Emergence, the World Summit Association WSA, and the government of the Republic of Benin are organizing an exclusive meeting of African leaders to discuss how the e-Contents (contents of Internet) can help promote development in Western Africa.


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