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Number of results 12 for Cours

27/09/2017 - 20 places left on the course “Communication Strategies for Youth Projects”!
The objective of this open and free course is to analyse and present good practices in the field of social communication during the implementation of youth projects in the Programa Erasmus Plus. 

04/05/2017 - Register in our MOOC and learn how to communicate Erasmus+ projects!
The participants of the MOOC will receive theoretical and practical information according three thematic blocks: communicational strategies for Erasmus+ projects, target groups and communicational tools and resources. 

17/11/2016 - We are organising a course on “Social communication for Civil Transformation” in Torre Jussana
The course, organised by, will last six days and is intended for European youth organisations as part of the Erasmus+ programme. The course will touch on topics such as social networks, digital communication and non-violent communication.

10/03/2011 - Using technology to understand, engage, serve and retain members
Educational seminar organised by OCSA and PIMEC in partnership with and run by SIGMA

Attracting and retaining members in highly competitive environments

Globalisation and technological changes have given rise to new challenges for companies and new circumstances at work. In the midst of a recession and with much less aid, many associations are struggling to attract and retain their members, who are now more demanding than ever. Through this seminar, we have taken another step towards creating value in communication with members.

03/06/2010 - helps in the Course of Project Design for Conflict Solution and Community Mediation
We enjoy teaching what we know, this is why this June and July we will be part of the teaching team in the online Course of Project Design for Conflict Solution and Community Mediation, which is part of a post-graduate course by the same name, which has been offered by the Univeristy of Girona 5 times before.

29/09/2008 - ANUE one of the beneficiaries, is offering a course on redefining the current approach to development assistance.
The idea emerged as a result of the recent assessment of development assistance undertaken by the United Nations in Spain, ANUE. The course is oriented around case examples from Africa and includes some practical workshops to facilitate its understanding. ANUE is one of our organization beneficiaries and Ramon Bartemeus, Resource manager of will be facilitating one of the course workshops.

23/09/2008 - New Postraduate Course on Communitarian Intervention and Resoultion of Public Conflicts by the Universidad de Girona
This programme is the only one exclusively devoted to the management and resolution of public conflicts by all kind of institutions and entities, companies, mass media, etc with different scopes of actions such as partipipation and safety among others.

09/06/2008 - Conflicts and their relation with new technologies in’s course in Universitat de Girona.
Within the framework of the Master and postgraduate studies of resolution of public conflicts, the University of Girona ( UdG) offers four alternatives of specific training in the topic, one of which will be given by Ramón Bartomeus, Resource Manager for

21/05/2008 - New Training Offer from Connect Your Organization to New Technology
Thanks to the support of FTIC,, an NGO specializing in bringing new technology to Not-for-Profit Organizations,  is offering three new Online courses. You will definitely be interested in this!

23/01/2008 - announces its courses for 2008: 100% grant for Not for Profit Organisations
Once again invites you to its on-line courses designed to bring the Internet and the new technologies into organisations so as to make work in easier in all kinds of different set-ups. Find out about the topics and facilities for NPO's!

25/09/2007 - Training courses for ONGs staff in developing countries
The RESPECT Refugees NGO launches an online training program for volunteers and ONGs in developing countries. Read further about this interesting initiative.

30/07/2007 - Before going on vacation, subscribe to the E-learning Contests created by
Next Commencement September 1st: Organization and Meeting Management course. courses are subsidized by the Generalitat of Catalunya and they are available for only 10% of the real price for non-profit organizations. Also, there are 10 scholarships for the first to subscribe.


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