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18/01/2018 - Five applications to change the world
Entities and non-profit organizations have long sought to make the move towards mobile applications, both to receive donations and to facilitate and promote voluntary social action. Here you have six applications for the social good that can be useful for your entity.

25/10/2017 - We are launching an Open Call for Web Projects in the Technology Field!
Following the calls for Sport and Health, the aim of this new grant is to design a modern web page for a technology organisation.

29/08/2017 - Participate in the 2017 Global NGO Technology Survey!
The report, by Nonprofit Tech for Good in partnership with, is a ground-breaking study that aims to discover how NGOs use the Internet to engage donors and new collaborators.

22/08/2017 - WORK: Looking for a Part-Time Angular4/NodeJS Junior Frontend Developer
We are looking for our project, a talented junior programmer aiming to learn Angular4/NodeJS.

04/07/2017 - Open Call: Grant Programme for Sports Web Projects!
The Grant Programme for Sports Organisations Web Projects has been planned to design an identifiable, brand new web for a sports organisation. The programme aims to aid these organisations to take advantage of the potentials of the Internet.

16/06/2017 - The Alava Association for the Deaf has been selected to receive the Culture Grant!
The award consists of an Internet guidance session with a body from the cultural area. A total of 8 organisations put themselves forward for the grant.

16/07/2014 - Registering your NGO with the new .ngo or .ong web domain
There are many issues that NGOs face when it comes to running a successful organization. Besides a lack of funds and issues regarding structural organization, various NGOs end up their campaigning because of the same issue. However, the new .ngo/.ong domain will forever change how NGOs operate.

23/05/2013 - We invite you to be our featured project
With the sole purpose of giving advantages to NGOs, we are offering all our beneficiaries the opportunity to promote social projects at an international level.

07/03/2013 - Participate in the "Global Civil Society Network for Peace"
We have started a new partnership with the  international organization Corresponsal de Paz (Peace Correspondent) in Mexico. It is a digital news initiative which dedicates its content to raising visibility about news of peace from all over the world, and we really believe in it.

05/03/2013 - New Collaboration with UnitedNPO the non-profit promoter of infomartion and communication technologies has become a member of United NPO.

22/03/2012 - We're Talking About Teaming in Noticias Positivas is a partner of the Teaming foundation along with Grupo Intercom, Everis, and Banca Cívica. In this article Ramon Bartomeus, Resources Manager of explains the current situation with the Teaming project.

An article by Adriana Pérez Pesce published March 20th, 2012 en Noticias Positivas.

Read the full article here.

Esta noticia en español aquí.

22/03/2012 - We're Talking about World Community Grid on Tecnonews has joined World Community Grid. In this article Ramon Bartomeus, Resources Manager of, explains more about what World Community Grid does and how you can help.

Read the complete article here.

07/10/2010 - Blog Action Day 2010 is nearly here: on 15/10 we are talking Water
For one day, bloggers from all over the world will publish articles about Water. Are you ready to write your blog for October 15th?

27/09/2010 - Come and have a ‘good coffee’ with and get free assessment for your NGO
We in want to join our partner’s initiative, the FAIRTRADE-Fair Trade Stamp Association, and share "Café del bueno" with you all.

22/09/2010 - This summer's most amazing photographs
From a host of locations around the globe and from many contrasting perspectives, dozens of participants presented us with their visual interpretations of the digital divide.

29/03/2010 - The video of the United Nations!
A few days ago, we published a summary of our speech to the Council of Human Rights which took place at the UN in Geneva. Let's watch the video.

18/03/2010 - at the United Nations in Geneva
On Thursday, March 11, 2010, the team of visited the United Nations of Geneva to give a speech over web communication tools for NGOs in the context of an event for the Human Rights Council session.

30/11/2009 - MicroNGOs’ Forum
We were in the FORUM DE MicroONGs (MicroNGOs’ Forum)

The forum was held in the Juan Carlos I Hotel in Barcelona, the 27th, 28th and 29th of November. 50 people assisted full of heart, projects and realities.

Wikihappiness, a non-profit organization dedicated to promote solidary attitudes, was in charge of coordinating and organizing the event, and they did so with the discretion and prudence characteristic in them. The First MicroNGOs’ Forum was a success, and we, in, are very happy to be a part of the birth of this initiative.

27/10/2009 - invited by the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute
The 23rd of October, was invited for a conference ondevelopment and Information technologies, mobiles phones and Internet in Latin America and Africa: what benefits for the most disadvantaged? It was organized by the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3) and the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) in Castelldefels.

19/10/2009 - Mobile Phone Recycling Campaign to Protect the Environment
The mobile phones that we all use and enjoy, without thinking much about the production process, are full of the mineral coltrane. The number of genocides in the Congo that are related to the recovery of coltrane grow every day. It is a shame worldwide where other ecological tragedies of great magnitude should also be added. Nevertheless, more than thirty businesses, the majority of them Western, continue importing minerals from the Congo, regardless of such tragic politics. Easy equation.

29/09/2009 - Find out about Blog Action Day: this 15-10 we will talk about Climate Change
On the 15th of October, for one day, all the bloggers of the world will write about climate change.

22/09/2009 - Now you can see the photographs from's summer photo contest 2009
Right on schedule, on the 20th of September, the time was up to submit photos to's 2009 contest. From different parts of the world and with very different viewpoints, dozens of people sent us their own personal portraits of the digital divide, and these are the pictures selected by the jury. Our thanks go to all who supported the initiative in this way.

01/09/2009 - Only 3 days left for’s participation at the GAID Forum in Mexico
Ramón Bartomeus, Resources Manager at, takes part as chairman and speaker within the ICV Panel, one of our partners. The event seeks to stimulate youth participation in ICT initiatives for development at a south-south level.

31/08/2009 - Conferences at the Jane Goodall Institute, "Two Spaniards and 141 Chimpanzees, the challenges facing conservation in the Congo"
Our beneficiary, The Jane Goodall Institute, invites you to the conferences that Rebeca Atencia and Fernando Turmo are giving about their primate rescue and rehabilitation work in the Republic of the Congo. In addition, there will be a presentation of the Movilízate por la Selva (Action for the Jungle) campaign.

27/08/2009 - WSA honors the World’s Best in e-Content and Innovation: Mexico hosts the Gala events from September 2-5, 2009
The World Summit Award (WSA) and the World Summit Youth Award Winners Celebrations take place in Monterrey from September 2-5, 2009 in collaboration with the UN GAID’s Global Forum.


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