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25/10/2017 - We are launching an Open Call for Web Projects in the Technology Field!
Following the calls for Sport and Health, the aim of this new grant is to design a modern web page for a technology organisation.

21/12/2016 - Semántica Social launches a new online training campus
The project worked on the Abcore Cadí platform has been developed directly on the new version of Moodle. It now offers a modern appearance with a creative design.

27/03/2015 - 23 proposals to address political and social advocacy
If we look at the agendas of our political parties, we realise that practically no one has mentioned social entrepreneurship and social innovation. The European Union along with various international institutions has stressed time and time again the importance of promoting apparatus such as these, yet in Spain it is hardly even addressed; its reach is basically limited to the regional level, as in the paradigmatic case of the Basque Country. As social problems mount ever higher and the youth unemployment rate remains one of the highest in Europe, political stimulation of social innovation and social entrepreneurship have become pressing issues.

In light of this situation, in 2014, Red CreActiva organised four Political and Social Advocacy Summits in Barcelona, Donostia, Madrid, and Valencia, and we now bring you the conclusions.

20/10/2014 - Do you know and
From believe it is important that organizations are abreast of the latest developments and updates that occur around the Internet and ICT in order to improve their communication strategies and be more effective in its management and daily operation.

22/03/2012 - We're Talking About Teaming in Noticias Positivas is a partner of the Teaming foundation along with Grupo Intercom, Everis, and Banca Cívica. In this article Ramon Bartomeus, Resources Manager of explains the current situation with the Teaming project.

An article by Adriana Pérez Pesce published March 20th, 2012 en Noticias Positivas.

Read the full article here.

Esta noticia en español aquí.

09/11/2011 - One Day on Earth: Help Document the World's Story
This is about an extraordinary project  aspiring to create an open shareable archive and documentary film of the world on 11/11/11. Global collaboration through media creation is the ultimate goal, on a scale never seen before.

05/11/2010 - Sabadell Round Table
This event scheduled for the day 11/11/2010 has been canceled by Punt del Voluntariat de Sabadell, and will be held in a new date.

The best practices are available in PDF format.

Outstanding examples of good practice will be presented from the book edited by the Autonomous Government of Catalonia's Department of Social Action and Citizenship.

Two projects will be highlighted:, experiences of using new technologies within the context of NGOs
Rauxa, experiences of making the transition from a user of the association to volunteer


01/07/2010 -’s 2010 Summer Photo Contest
Summer has arrived and with it our plans to travel, to look for places that surprise us, relax us, or entertain us. We want to give you a project to work on if you consider yourself an observant and sensitive person, and have a camera.’s 2010 Summer Photo Contest is open and from now until September 20th you can send us your photographs.

06/04/2010 - interviewing our beneficiaries on their use of the Internet
For our conference at the United Nations, we made a video interviewing our beneficiaries on their relationship with the Internet and their approach to communicate effectively on the web with simple tools.

27/10/2009 - invited by the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute
The 23rd of October, was invited for a conference ondevelopment and Information technologies, mobiles phones and Internet in Latin America and Africa: what benefits for the most disadvantaged? It was organized by the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3) and the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) in Castelldefels.

08/05/2009 - On 17th May we celebrate Internet Day
In order to make an announcement, the organizing committee has called a press conference next Monday 11th May full or surprises

24/04/2009 - Web 2.0 Summit San Francisco 2009
Web 2.0 Summit is an annual event that connects business leaders, big thinkers, and innovative technologists who are shaping the future of the Web. It is a gathering place for international leaders of the new Web, who gather to discuss and debate the most important issues, strategies, and disruptions driving the Internet economy.

04/03/2009 - takes part in an NGO administration course at ESADE Madrid
The participation forms part of the Leadership and Management of Non-Governmental Organisations offered by the Catalan Business School in Madrid.

04/03/2009 - Now you can help with your forgotten memories
The NGO Memoria Sin Fronteras has set out to collect flash-memories in different models: SD, CF, MC, MS…that are left in our night table. The aim is to classify them, to format them, to full them with contents and to send them to places where the container and its contents can be used instead of throw them away or let them aging in a drawer.

12/02/2009 - ended its particiaption in the TIC and Cooperation of Gijón event with News
The II International Encounter of the TIC for Development Cooperation, Cooperation 2.0, ended this afternoon in Gijon with the shared challenge of pushing a "Development 2.0" where all of the agents (Administration, business and third sector) will actively participate in a coordinated manner, starting with the people destined for help. This was one of the main conclusions that ended the event organized by the CTIC Foundation which united more than a hundred technology agents as well as ones from the Cooperation in Asturias during a span of three days.

09/02/2009 - Opens its 2009 Literature Contest for “International Day of the Book”
This year the focus is on short stories up to 5 pages long. As always, the idea is to close the digital divide by showing that the Internet is a way of spreading culture, and that it is accessible to everyone.

15/07/2008 - Iwith Signs a Collaborative Agreement with ICV
They are two organizations that work with new technology and in the virtual domain. Both believe in the "developing" power of TICs and as such, they have collaborated to give life to interesting projects and future opportunities.

28/04/2008 - May 17th is Internet Day:'s Bocatics are Candidates!
Bocatics, those small capsules of simple and practical knowledge available via the Internet serve as our introduction at the next celebration of Internet Day. We invite all of our friends to vote for this tool before May 17th!

25/01/2008 - The First International Communication and Information Technology Conference for Cooperation towards Development
From the 30th to the 31st of January 2008, the Palacio de Congresos in Gijón, Asturias (Spain), will host “Cooperation towards Development 2.0: The First International Communication and Information Technology Conference for Cooperation towards Development”. An event uniting government, social and business sectors seeking to exchange knowledge and experiences with the aim of spanning digital gaps and promoting the use of ICTs in order to improve the methods and practices of cooperation towards development.

12/11/2007 - was mentioned in the Social Responsibility yearbook
The second edition of Responsible ICT´s dossier has been published, edited by MediaResponsable. The dossier analyzes the situation of Social Corporate Responsibility in companies of the TIC sector and includes a survey of the ONL´s that work with ICT´s, in which was included.

03/10/2007 - The 2007 Web Projects Grants is Closed
During the last few months we have received a list of candidates from Catalonian organizations for the 2007 Web Projects Grants carried out conjointly with the International Ashekor Foundation. We should inform you all of the closing as of today of this competition because the number of proposals presented over the last few weeks exceeds that of available scholarships, and therefore, we can not accept new projects.

13/08/2007 - RSS All what you need to know about these initials and its popular icon as you have never been told before

What does RSS mean?

At this stage you should be able to recognise this universal icon which is or appears on your favourite websites, blogs and podcasts. It means that that site has content (text, audio or video) that you can subscribe to and read, listen to, or view using only FeedReader.
The development of online publishing technology has made it a simple matter for content providers to broadcast regularly-updated information across the web, and has made it possible for subscribers to receive up-to-the-minute news lists from their favourite websites or blog sites without having to check manually or get an inbox full of unread emails.

More information at:



23/07/2007 - Two diseases that take advantage of IT in order to create social awareness
Talks about two very painful diseases which cause fatigue and other debilitating symptoms, have been going on for a long while. However, due to their silent nature, they can´t be properly identified by the Administration and the Health Services.

23/07/2007 - Public consultation to prepare the European e-Inclusion Strategy
The European Commission launches an on-line public consultation to gather more views on e-Inclusion (digital inclusion) following the statistics that revealed the deficiencies in gaining access to ICT that exist in Europe.


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