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05/10/2016 - Taking part in the Social Internet Day 2016!
On the 28th September an event took place in Barcelona which focused on new tools, opportunities and strategies for innovation in the digital world. attended and explained its program to more than 100 attendees.

25/05/2016 - participates in #3CCAV
The 3rd Catalonian Congress for Associative Participation and Voluntary Work, which was celebrated on the 20th of May, ended with 28 proposals and brought together more than 300 participants in the CCCB.

31/03/2014 - New collaboration with the Consell d’Associacions of Barcelona
The ´Consell d´Associacions Barcelona´ (CAB) and have signed an agreement with the main objective to promote associations in the city of Barcelona.

08/08/2013 - Gaudí Comerç
At we are helping to promote the Gaudí Comerç project by developing its website and assisting in IT and communication matters.

GAUDÍ COMERÇ – Working towards a more sustainable city

In recent years the production of waste in Catalonia has increased as a result of a rise in consumption, brought on by a change in living habits. Achieving a change of attitude by society for a more sustainable city involves the active participation of everyone: citizens, tourists, traders, businesses and government.

02/05/2013 - SenseCamp Barcelona - a brain spa for social entrepreneurs and Smilemundo participated in the SenseCamp Barcelona last Saturday, organized by the local branch of the MakeSense movement, whose main goal is to help social entrepreneurs solve their challenges.

28/04/2011 - Students from the United States are working with us: they study, learn, help and have fun
Would you like to have students who are on their year abroad in Barcelona? If your organisation is a partner of, then you can have access to these students via

17/02/2011 - ACASC supported by
Did you know that the HIV-Aids virus has caused the deaths of 10,000 people in Catalonia? The ACASC (Citizen's Anti-AIDS Association of Catalonia) has been tackling this social problem, and for more than two decades has focussed all its efforts on improving the quality of life of those living with this suffering.

30/07/2010 - at CosmoBolitan BarCamp, Barcelona, 2010

Cucurulla's hub of NGO supporters and new technologies enthusiasts, Barcelona, hosted on July 23rd and 24th , 2010, the CosmoBolitan Barcamp, a 2 days un-conference that brought together in the same virtual space dozens of speakers and participants from Argentina, Bolivia, United States, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Spain, Italy, France, Romania y Switzerland.

17/02/2010 - Agroecology, a fair and responsible alternative
With over a billion people worldwide going hungry, one of the major challenges of the XXI century is to produce food for an increasingly crowded world threatened with global warming.

03/11/2009 - Less talk, more action
What should we do? What can we expect from the Copenhagen Conference? What will our world be like in 20 years' time? These are some of the questions asked in the Global Eco Forum. We have selected some responses from for our readers and for those who were unable to follow the event live.

28/10/2009 - Global Eco Forum - Sustaining Together

Late last night, with the sounds of Burruezo and Bohemia Camerata, we participated in the closing of the Global Eco-Forum in Barcelona.

Under the slogan The Transition Towards Sustainability, the Forum has united the great names of European environmental protection such as Cristina Narbona, Spanish ambassador of OCDE, Dominique Voynet, one of the founders of the Green Party in France, and Dimitri Zenghelis from the Office of Climatic Change in the United Kingdom.

22/01/2009 - Sistema Conceptual present at Search Congress
Our beneficiary Sistema Conceptual presents its work at Search-Congress, held at Palau de Congressos in Montjuic, where Google, Yahoo y Microsoft, among others, are also giving outstanding presentations.

30/10/2008 - “The Digital Divide in Education", is the focus of the 5th International Seminar of the UNESCO-UOC Chair
The 5th International Seminar of the UNESCO E-Learning Chair at the UOC Fighting the Digital Divide through Education, will take place between November 12th and 14th in Barcelona with the presence of international speakers.

06/06/2008 - Succesful conference of the Third Sector and New Technologies
With an emphasis on the preperation of informatical material and the education, the second meeting of New Technologies and the Third Sector had been organized by SISOSCAT in Barcelona. In the following article we'll present you the most important data and informations of the discussions.

23/05/2008 - Barcelona celebrated the Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue Night, together with some other 37 countries
At Plaza del Rey, a series of events were held by 1001 Actions for Dialogue organization. There, associations gathered to celebrate cultural heritage of the Euro-Mediterranean Region.

02/05/2008 - The Forum Alternative Channel in the Press
Many Media channels are making the Forum Alternative Channel be heard. Here we have included the TV3 news video for you to watch.


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