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16/10/2013 - plants a tree in Senegal within the campaign "Give a rest to the forest"
A lare tree (fruit highly prized in Senegal by the local population and one of the main foods consumed by chimpanzees in the area) has been named  in recognition of the work done by the entity in this country within the campaign “Give a rest to the forest“.

15/10/2010 - Blog Action Day Guest Post: Water & Technology Through History
This is a guest post for the Blog Action Day 2010, an annual event held every October 15 that unites the world’s bloggers in posting about the same issue on the same day with the aim of sparking a global discussion and driving collective action. This year's topic is water. thanks Ruben his participation in the Blog Action Day.

07/10/2010 - Blog Action Day 2010 is nearly here: on 15/10 we are talking Water
For one day, bloggers from all over the world will publish articles about Water. Are you ready to write your blog for October 15th?

29/09/2009 - Find out about Blog Action Day: this 15-10 we will talk about Climate Change
On the 15th of October, for one day, all the bloggers of the world will write about climate change.

15/09/2008 - Warning bloggers: this October 15 you have a commitment!
This 15th October 2008 is the Blog Action Day!. This year the topic for all podcasters, videoscasters y blogers can speak at length is Poverty. Organizers hope that for one day all of them, could leave their regular work to raise from different perspectives, a debate on this issue.

08/07/2008 - Make the most of your Blog
For some time now Google has been offering to help Bloggers or web-page owners get the most out of their sites and out of the people who visit them, by placing virtual advertisements. Each click makes something for the owner of the blog. This division of Google is called Adwords and in view of the high demand but also low awareness, Google is organising on-line seminars on how to use this tool effectively.

19/07/2007 - Serret Llibres, an example of desktop publishing
The TIC are a democratization tool, there is no doubt about that. Now we will be showing you a list of books amongst which a group of Catalonian writers have managed to get published by an editorial and gone on to be widely distributed over the Internet.

23/07/2006 - Beneblog: Where Technology Meets Society
 Jim Fruchterman, the head the American nonprofit technology company Benetech, discovers to be a kindred spirit as a Spanish Tech Social Enterprise.

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