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10/04/2013 - supports Yo apoyo el crowdfunding movement
From a long time we are involved in an idea of crowdfunding. This financing option collects projects and gives an opportunity for realization thousands of useful causes, that can bring new, quality jobs, needed help and hope. It is a vision in which we believe.

29/09/2009 - Find out about Blog Action Day: this 15-10 we will talk about Climate Change
On the 15th of October, for one day, all the bloggers of the world will write about climate change.

20/08/2009 - Biznelp, or the professional barter on line
In we want to introduce you to this site that enables the interchange of professional services. It is called  Biznelp, and we have signed an agreement with them that allows us to have professional services of people around the world thanks to an interesting barter. 

18/08/2009 - Let's celebrate our diversity and act for interculturality thanks to
Last june, we published an article about intercultural exchange. Nowadays, the journey is over. Margot, an volunteer, joined the adventure as a webdesign facilitator. Her testimony.

07/01/2009 - seeks the top 10 ideas for change in America: you can vote.
Remember that is a social action network of the new web 2.0 which aims to use the World Wide Web as the central platform to inform and empower movements for a positive social change all over the world. This site which is oriented towards social problems and collective action allows us to contact with people who seek social welfare beyond racial, idiomatic or idiological barriers.


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