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09/07/2007 - The program for the 7th Fundraising Congress in which is participating is now ready
We want to remind you that on the 17th and 18th of September we will be celebrating the 7th annual Fundraising Congress in Madrid's ICAI-ICADE facilities. will be in charge of the workshop: "Internet and transparency, tools for fundraising”. The general theme of this year’s Congress will be TRANSPARENCY.

29/06/2007 - The Catalan Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted (ACCDV): one of the First Beneficiaries of the grants
In this article we give you the example of the Catalan Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted (ACCDV), one of the first beneficiaries of  the “ Grant Fund for Web Projects 2007”. From now on, thanks to the Ab-Core Platform, you can have an up to date website fit for your needs and objectives.

25/06/2007 - We celebrated the first graduating class from Jalpan Institute for Educational Excellence (Mexico).
The last 3rd July, the sixth-grade class from Institute for Educational Excellence in Sierra Gorda de Querétaro (Mexico) was graduated. It all began as a dream of its founder, Abel Montero, who was able to fulfill his dream by means of the strong economic support from and Infantia foundations. Thanks to the support of these foundations, the institute now offers excellent education for children −boys and girls from the region− with outstanding skills for learning, and who have limited economic resources.

20/06/2007 - Summer Photography Competition Open: ICT and your holidays
The anticipated hot weather, low cost airlines and holiday plans have given us the idea of setting you a mission this summer. All you need is to be observant and to have the desire to put real life into images through photography.

15/06/2007 - Let’s play serious?

Through this note, we invite you to know Mediatk, a project of, beneficiary of , and in it activities are picked up to approach the resolution of the daily conflicts and generate a dialogue and civic participation.

14/06/2007 - The Showroom presented at the 7th Fundraising Conference

On 17 and 18 September Madrid’s ICAI-ICADE will host the Seventh Edition of the Fundraising Conference. will be running the workshop: “Internet and openness, tools for fundraising”.


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