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Number of results 2 for e-learning

04/05/2017 - Register in our MOOC and learn how to communicate Erasmus+ projects!
The participants of the MOOC will receive theoretical and practical information according three thematic blocks: communicational strategies for Erasmus+ projects, target groups and communicational tools and resources. 

25/06/2007 - We celebrated the first graduating class from Jalpan Institute for Educational Excellence (Mexico).
The last 3rd July, the sixth-grade class from Institute for Educational Excellence in Sierra Gorda de Querétaro (Mexico) was graduated. It all began as a dream of its founder, Abel Montero, who was able to fulfill his dream by means of the strong economic support from and Infantia foundations. Thanks to the support of these foundations, the institute now offers excellent education for children −boys and girls from the region− with outstanding skills for learning, and who have limited economic resources.


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