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25/10/2017 - We are launching an Open Call for Web Projects in the Technology Field!
Following the calls for Sport and Health, the aim of this new grant is to design a modern web page for a technology organisation.

15/09/2016 - is added to our priority network to grant assessment meetings!
The Crowd-Promoting platform is an opportunity for non-profit organisations. Users can create solidarity events to increase sales for local business and to attract donations.

28/05/2014 - extends its partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute will manage the scholarship Google Grant, recently obtained by the entity, and valued at an annual amount of $ 120,000.

11/06/2012 - New grants possibilities for non-profits!, a new and innovative crowdfunding organization, is coming this summer! Their aim is to create avenues for people to get informed, involved and educated about the world they live in.

23/01/2008 - announces its courses for 2008: 100% grant for Not for Profit Organisations
Once again invites you to its on-line courses designed to bring the Internet and the new technologies into organisations so as to make work in easier in all kinds of different set-ups. Find out about the topics and facilities for NPO's!

03/10/2007 - The 2007 Web Projects Grants is Closed
During the last few months we have received a list of candidates from Catalonian organizations for the 2007 Web Projects Grants carried out conjointly with the International Ashekor Foundation. We should inform you all of the closing as of today of this competition because the number of proposals presented over the last few weeks exceeds that of available scholarships, and therefore, we can not accept new projects.

29/06/2007 - The Catalan Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted (ACCDV): one of the First Beneficiaries of the grants
In this article we give you the example of the Catalan Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted (ACCDV), one of the first beneficiaries of  the “ Grant Fund for Web Projects 2007”. From now on, thanks to the Ab-Core Platform, you can have an up to date website fit for your needs and objectives.


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