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23/05/2013 - We invite you to be our featured project
With the sole purpose of giving advantages to NGOs, we are offering all our beneficiaries the opportunity to promote social projects at an international level.

07/03/2013 - Participate in the "Global Civil Society Network for Peace"
We have started a new partnership with the  international organization Corresponsal de Paz (Peace Correspondent) in Mexico. It is a digital news initiative which dedicates its content to raising visibility about news of peace from all over the world, and we really believe in it.

24/03/2011 -'s International Staff would like to present our new international volunteers. They are young people from the United States, Greece, Poland, Mexico, Italy and Hungary, who collaborate with our foundation through various international programs, such as the European Voluntary Service (EVS), the Erasmus Placement and Leonardo of the European Union programs, university internship, or the University of Dreams program.

25/11/2010 - International Congress of Voluntary Service 1-5 December, Barcelona
Oriol Josa Fresno from Coordinació General de COCAT is talking about the Congress

02/11/2009 - Day of Prayer and Action for Children

Presentation of Arigatou International's new project: the website 'Day of Prayer and Action for Children.'

30/11/2007 - 1st December, World AIDS Day
While UN calls for leadership in combating AIDS, in Catalonia an organization assumes the challenge and therefore, it is awarded an Ab·core program for 2007 Web Projects and it is nominated to Volunteering Awards 2007.


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