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17/07/2018 - Summer Workshop and Webinars on communication and fundraising
In the framework of the projects to help digitalization to youth organizations, TurnOnline and Digital Youth Café, offers several training sessions this July.

17/07/2018 - The network of theaters of athenaeums of Catalonia has won the Web Award for Culture Projects
The XTAC, network of theaters of athenaeums of Catalonia, has received the Web Award for Culture Projects, which aims to help organizations that promote culture with criteria for improving society. The winning project will have the web services with accompaniment until the year 2021.

26/01/2018 -

North American organization Nonprofit Tech fo Good has released a report regarding NGOs and the use of technology and social networks in a global scale. 

04/07/2017 - Open Call: Grant Programme for Sports Web Projects!
The Grant Programme for Sports Organisations Web Projects has been planned to design an identifiable, brand new web for a sports organisation. The programme aims to aid these organisations to take advantage of the potentials of the Internet.

16/06/2017 - The Alava Association for the Deaf has been selected to receive the Culture Grant!
The award consists of an Internet guidance session with a body from the cultural area. A total of 8 organisations put themselves forward for the grant.

12/05/2017 - Announcing the Culture Grant for non-profit projects!
The grant application is open until 15 June 2017. The objective is to advise a non-profit organisation on the use of ICT and the Internet.

05/10/2016 - Taking part in the Social Internet Day 2016!
On the 28th September an event took place in Barcelona which focused on new tools, opportunities and strategies for innovation in the digital world. attended and explained its program to more than 100 attendees.

11/07/2016 - The survey on how NGO’s use the internet in the world! launched a survey to investigate how non-profit organization in Europe and Latin America use the opportunities in their network. The online survey software Question Pro will be a key ally in creating, distributing and analyzing research. Two Much and Empirical Online have also lent us their support in this project.

17/06/2016 - We’re awarding the Technology Grant to Blue Terabyte!
The aid program offers advice to charity projects in order to discover opportunities on the Internet and take advantage of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The Blue Terabyte Foundation donates computer equipment to NGOs and is the beneficiary of the 2016 Ukon Cherry Ltd. Grant.

29/03/2016 - The 62nd Maria Canals Piano Competition's Internet Success
Since 2007, has been the technology partner collaborating with the piano competition to seize the opportunities offered by the Internet.

09/02/2016 - NEW scholarship program 2016! presents a number of different open calls aiming to help non-profit organizations and projects to take advantage of opportunities offered by the Internet.

27/03/2015 - The path of the new Abcore Cadí
In 2015 the Foundation will continue to work on more updates and improvements to its internet services platform.

20/10/2014 - Do you know and
From believe it is important that organizations are abreast of the latest developments and updates that occur around the Internet and ICT in order to improve their communication strategies and be more effective in its management and daily operation.

09/07/2013 - talking Internet in Málaga and Barcelona
We attended several events in the month of June to talk about the use of Internet and we would like to share it with you.

12/02/2013 - Internet for ONGs from
In order to implement a crowdfunding programme, a social base is needed, and making good use of the internet is essential for achieving this.

11/06/2012 - New grants possibilities for non-profits!, a new and innovative crowdfunding organization, is coming this summer! Their aim is to create avenues for people to get informed, involved and educated about the world they live in.

02/06/2011 - We are speaking about the Internet at Cosmocaixa
On the occasion of the Fourth International Meeting on Recycling, was invited to Cosmocaixa to speak about what is happening on the Internet and how the Internet affects the world of recycling.

The programme was carefully carried out by the "Gremi de Recuperació", and includes Ramon Bartomeus’ report on new ways in which social networks can be used. iWith is involved in many environmental protection projects and the report will highlight some important experiences such as those of ACESER and RETORNA.

07/10/2010 - Blog Action Day 2010 is nearly here: on 15/10 we are talking Water
For one day, bloggers from all over the world will publish articles about Water. Are you ready to write your blog for October 15th?

22/09/2010 - This summer's most amazing photographs
From a host of locations around the globe and from many contrasting perspectives, dozens of participants presented us with their visual interpretations of the digital divide.

22/04/2010 - Internet for the Balkans' organizations
Last Thursday, the WWF Mediterranean Program, convened several organizations like the Red Cross, Greenpeace, XCT and to strengthen the networking of its operations in the Balkans.

06/04/2010 - interviewing our beneficiaries on their use of the Internet
For our conference at the United Nations, we made a video interviewing our beneficiaries on their relationship with the Internet and their approach to communicate effectively on the web with simple tools.

29/03/2010 - The video of the United Nations!
A few days ago, we published a summary of our speech to the Council of Human Rights which took place at the UN in Geneva. Let's watch the video.

11/02/2010 - A Nobel Prize for the Internet (and Each and Every One of Us)
For years the Internet has been a tool for watching videos on YouTube, social networking, reading the news,  and checking one's emails.  Today, it is being promoted to have a new functionality: instrument of peace. The Internet is being backed on a global scale for a nomination of the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize. Here are the details…

01/02/2010 - Safer Internet Day 2010
 The 7th edition of Safer Internet Day will be celebrated on 9 February 2010 in more than 60 countries across the world and this year will focus on the theme Think before you post ("Think B4 U post!").

31/10/2009 - A year growing and accumulating visitors
 Since october 2008 has increased the number of visitors on all of its webpages.


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