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28/05/2014 - extends its partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute will manage the scholarship Google Grant, recently obtained by the entity, and valued at an annual amount of $ 120,000.

16/10/2013 - plants a tree in Senegal within the campaign "Give a rest to the forest"
A lare tree (fruit highly prized in Senegal by the local population and one of the main foods consumed by chimpanzees in the area) has been named  in recognition of the work done by the entity in this country within the campaign “Give a rest to the forest“.

06/01/2011 - Did the Three Kings bring you a new phone? Don't throw it away: Movilízate por la selva!
Through “Movilízate por la selva” (mobile recycling campaign), we support the sustainability, peace and conservation of Africa education programmes of the Jane Goodall Institute.

01/03/2010 - Let's present you our chimpanzee Kudia!
Since January, is sponsoring a chimpanzee of the Jane Goodall Institute, a recipient of ours. Last year, we have worked together for the Speak Out in the jungle project. Now, we continue with the sponsorship of Kudia, a chimpanzee.

19/10/2009 - Mobile Phone Recycling Campaign to Protect the Environment
The mobile phones that we all use and enjoy, without thinking much about the production process, are full of the mineral coltrane. The number of genocides in the Congo that are related to the recovery of coltrane grow every day. It is a shame worldwide where other ecological tragedies of great magnitude should also be added. Nevertheless, more than thirty businesses, the majority of them Western, continue importing minerals from the Congo, regardless of such tragic politics. Easy equation.

31/08/2009 - Conferences at the Jane Goodall Institute, "Two Spaniards and 141 Chimpanzees, the challenges facing conservation in the Congo"
Our beneficiary, The Jane Goodall Institute, invites you to the conferences that Rebeca Atencia and Fernando Turmo are giving about their primate rescue and rehabilitation work in the Republic of the Congo. In addition, there will be a presentation of the Movilízate por la Selva (Action for the Jungle) campaign.


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