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02/06/2011 - We are speaking about the Internet at Cosmocaixa
On the occasion of the Fourth International Meeting on Recycling, was invited to Cosmocaixa to speak about what is happening on the Internet and how the Internet affects the world of recycling.

The programme was carefully carried out by the "Gremi de Recuperació", and includes Ramon Bartomeus’ report on new ways in which social networks can be used. iWith is involved in many environmental protection projects and the report will highlight some important experiences such as those of ACESER and RETORNA.

30/11/2009 - MicroNGOs’ Forum
We were in the FORUM DE MicroONGs (MicroNGOs’ Forum)

The forum was held in the Juan Carlos I Hotel in Barcelona, the 27th, 28th and 29th of November. 50 people assisted full of heart, projects and realities.

Wikihappiness, a non-profit organization dedicated to promote solidary attitudes, was in charge of coordinating and organizing the event, and they did so with the discretion and prudence characteristic in them. The First MicroNGOs’ Forum was a success, and we, in, are very happy to be a part of the birth of this initiative.

09/06/2009 - The main European artistic event for the youth in Girona and Vilanova is getting close
This summer, around 120 young Europeans from 15 different countries will participate in Act for Interculturality, which is the main artistic meeting for the youth at a continental level. Neagènia Intercultural, partner of, is going to coordinate this meeting, which gathers participants aged from 18 to 30 years, with the aim of encouraging creativity, interculturality and public-spirited participation.

19/01/2009 - attends an important event about ICT and Development
On the next 10th, 11th and 12th February 2009 it will take place in Gijón, Asturias (Spain) the II International Meeting on ICT for Development Cooperation: Cooperation 2.0. is among the speakers. Due to the big interest of the associations and the huge coverage of the event, the deadline for registration has been extended until 3 rd February.

05/12/2007 - Are you an Idealist? Are you looking for Idealists?
If the answer is yes, then you have a commitment with next December 18th.
We want to let you know, in an entertaining way and with some snacks, what the NGO does in Internet, but face to face, in our office in Barcelona. We want you to know our Meeting Point.


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