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18/01/2010 - Interview with Chiara Giacomini, "most sent postcard" award winner
Chiara Giacomini, a 34-year-old-italian graphic designer that has been living in Barcelona for the last 10 years, won our postcard contest that ran last December, and was awarded  the "most sent postcard" prize.
We met her in order to get to know a little bit more about this graphic designer, who created her own agency, a year ago: Chiara Giacomini | brand design.

23/12/2008 - Singing Children, winner of the Christmas Postcards contest
Christmas for La Moskitia, sent by Foundation Sid Moskitia, resulted winner in the category of most sent postcard by the internet users.

15/01/2008 - The most popular postcard on Christmas 2007
Not long ago we informed you of the winner of our Postcards Contest 2007 but we still had to show you, as it was one of the contest’s guidelines, the most popular postcard. It was, ‘Colorful tents’ , by Luis Buruel, from Germany, who by the postcard wrote: ‘send some colour and happiness to your friends with this postcard’.

11/01/2008 - We Introduce You to the Winner of Our Postcard Contest
After a lot of deliberating, the jury of's IV Christmas Postcard Contest has decided that the 2007 Winning Card is Navidad con Humor, by Luis Eduardo León, from Columbia. And we wanted to include a mini interview with him, to find out his impressions and motivations:


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