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Number of results 4 for solidariwith

07/01/2014 - ACCU España wins #SolidariWith
January, 6th came and together with the Three Wise Men so did the end of the contest #SolidariWith, which has helped a great number of organizations to consolidate their social foundations.

19/12/2013 - Few days left to vote in #SolidariWith!
Now we are entering in the final stage of this year's contest. We are very pleased with the participation. Social Networks are on fire with #Solidariwith!
The classification is very tight . Any organization can jump and get on the top positions but so far things are as follows:

11/12/2013 - A thousand people involved in #SolidariWith!
After the first days of #SolidariWith, we have gained more than 1000 people who are implicated in the dissemination of the selected projects.
Who are the highest voted organizations?

22/11/2013 - Start the #SolidariWith
#Solidariwith is the solidarity contest proposed by to help organizations improve their visibility during the most charitable season of the year.

We have selected the best organizations meeting the criteria of Good Internet use, Good picture of the project, and impact on the society.


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