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18/05/2015 - Success story – The redevelopment of Logo, Web and COMSOC voting
The creation of the new COMSOC website has been a long process in which interesting challenges have been exceeded.

10/09/2013 - The new Amazonia Foundation’s website
The Amazonia Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in Palma de Mallorca which develops community projects aimed at helping young Latin-Americans who feel marginalised by society.

16/11/2009 - 2009: A collection of short stories
Due to the World Book Day celebration on April 23rd, announced the 2009 Literary Contest. That is why today, as part of the celebration we are releasing the collection of short stories on Bubok.

The authors are friends and stakeholders of that wants to share this book with all of you.

01/04/2009 - You Can Now Vote for the Best Work for the 2009 International Book Day Contest
As you very well know, in, we depend on the internet for cultural awareness and the possibilities that it offers new writers to distribute their work. Since February we have been receiving short stories as part of the International Book Day Contest: Starting today it will be you, via your downloads, who will decide the winner of the contest. Take advantage of this opportunity to broaden your world, on-line.


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