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01/07/2010 -’s 2010 Summer Photo Contest
Summer has arrived and with it our plans to travel, to look for places that surprise us, relax us, or entertain us. We want to give you a project to work on if you consider yourself an observant and sensitive person, and have a camera.’s 2010 Summer Photo Contest is open and from now until September 20th you can send us your photographs.

10/06/2009 -'s Third Edition Summer Photo Campaign: Expose the Digital Divide This Summer
*Use your camera to show up the so-called“digital divide” and participate in's summer 2009 contest. A great way to get a massive audience for your photos and give a meaning to your vacation

10/06/2008 - Reveal the Digital Divide in Your Vacation Photos
For the second consecutive year, is sponsoring the Summer Photography Competition, in order to reveal the various levels of access to technology that exist around the world. We suggest that you take your camera on vacation and look around. Surprise us with a photo that will make the web visitors to our site aware of the issue.

06/07/2007 - An Active summer: the Chandra Foundation encourages you to tell all about your summer experiences
A new competition on this summer’s horizon: the Chandra Foundation invites all those who live a different summer in 2007 through volunteering to tell their stories.


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