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26/05/2016 - Learning networking with our volunteers! participated in IES Abroad's Encuentro de Organizaciones Colaboradoras y Networking (Cooperating Organizations and Networking Meeting) held on 20th May. IES Abroad is one of our close collaborators in volunteer management. 

25/05/2016 - participates in #3CCAV
The 3rd Catalonian Congress for Associative Participation and Voluntary Work, which was celebrated on the 20th of May, ended with 28 proposals and brought together more than 300 participants in the CCCB.

21/11/2014 - signs a partnership agreement with the Rosetta Foundation
The main aim of this organisation is to connect volunteer linguists with organisations working with underprivileged communities.

12/06/2013 - 5 new International volunteers of
We are really happy to welcome the 5 new volunteers of iWith which will stay with us for many weeks. They are students of US, Trinidad and Tobago. They really want to make their contribution to our foundation.

08/02/2012 - New volunteers at
We are happy to present the new volunteers at Claire Savelsbergh, Liz Cherba, Julie Nyce and Lauren Bayse are students from the United States and Miranda Gubbels is an EVS volunteer from the Netherlands, working with this semester in Barcelona.

28/04/2011 - Students from the United States are working with us: they study, learn, help and have fun
Would you like to have students who are on their year abroad in Barcelona? If your organisation is a partner of, then you can have access to these students via

19/04/2011 - Pallapupas, the hospital clowns: ten years of making poorly children laugh
There are hospitals where the doctors, nurses, anaesthetists and surgeons work alongside people who have doctorates in entertainment, masters in animal imitation and degrees in hugs.

24/03/2011 -'s International Staff would like to present our new international volunteers. They are young people from the United States, Greece, Poland, Mexico, Italy and Hungary, who collaborate with our foundation through various international programs, such as the European Voluntary Service (EVS), the Erasmus Placement and Leonardo of the European Union programs, university internship, or the University of Dreams program.

25/11/2010 - International Congress of Voluntary Service 1-5 December, Barcelona
Oriol Josa Fresno from Coordinació General de COCAT is talking about the Congress

21/12/2009 - volunteers
As the end of the year approaches it is a good moment to look back on what has happened during the year.

The team would like to record its thanks for the work of all those volunteers who have given so generously of their time in helping out the organisation. Below, some of them give a brief glimpse of who they are.

01/09/2009 - Only 3 days left for’s participation at the GAID Forum in Mexico
Ramón Bartomeus, Resources Manager at, takes part as chairman and speaker within the ICV Panel, one of our partners. The event seeks to stimulate youth participation in ICT initiatives for development at a south-south level.

14/07/2009 - Travel experiences of an volunteer
Sometimes we talk only for talking's sake. Some other times we do it to exchange opinions or because we are interested in getting to know the other's vision of the world. Thus, it may happen that we don't like other people's opinions. And sometimes we even try to change their ideas. 

Personally, I would like to change the idea of many people that travelling is expensive, or even a luxury. On the contrary, I think that travelling is such a daily routine, as eating, drinking or sleeping. This article, precisely, is a small try to show you that travelling is easy and it's a pleasure as well. And well, in case you know that already, good for you.

28/05/2009 -, the internet portal of reference for the 3rd Spanish sector has a new face
“You decide how, when and where” is the slogan of the new 2.0 version of the Internet portal, which, along with technological improvements, incorporates open spaces for users to participate.

23/05/2008 - Barcelona celebrated the Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue Night, together with some other 37 countries
At Plaza del Rey, a series of events were held by 1001 Actions for Dialogue organization. There, associations gathered to celebrate cultural heritage of the Euro-Mediterranean Region.

28/01/2008 - Don't lose idealism: visit our MEETING POINT
Don't forget that every Tuesday from 18 to 20 hours, on Barcelona headquarters, the meeting point is working. A place which objective is to link Organizations of the Third Sector from all around the world and people wanting to connect with them.

19/12/2007 - Successful Idealist Event´s headquarters in Barcelona received more than 70 people interested in the operation of the Meeting Point of located in the dependences of our NGO.

05/12/2007 - Are you an Idealist? Are you looking for Idealists?
If the answer is yes, then you have a commitment with next December 18th.
We want to let you know, in an entertaining way and with some snacks, what the NGO does in Internet, but face to face, in our office in Barcelona. We want you to know our Meeting Point.

21/11/2007 - International Volunteer Day is approaching: Acknowledge the People that Work with your Organisation.
The 5th of December is International Volunteer Day. We’d like to tell you about the history of the day, some of the events taking place to celebrate the day and, most importantly, we’d like to give a mention to the volunteers.


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