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06/06/2013 - Mentoring for Inclusion Conference
On June 20th at 8:30am the Mentoring for Inclusion Conference began.  The conference, held in Barcelona, is a social event directed at all professionals and people interested in integration as well as youth, multiculturalism and education.

05/02/2010 - Let's participate to Sant Adrià de Besòs carnival
Next friday - February the 12th - will take place the 2n carnival in Sant Adrià de Besòs. The youth center Barnabitas, one of our beneficiairies, participates in this initiative.

18/08/2009 - Let's celebrate our diversity and act for interculturality thanks to
Last june, we published an article about intercultural exchange. Nowadays, the journey is over. Margot, an volunteer, joined the adventure as a webdesign facilitator. Her testimony.

14/07/2009 - Travel experiences of an volunteer
Sometimes we talk only for talking's sake. Some other times we do it to exchange opinions or because we are interested in getting to know the other's vision of the world. Thus, it may happen that we don't like other people's opinions. And sometimes we even try to change their ideas. 

Personally, I would like to change the idea of many people that travelling is expensive, or even a luxury. On the contrary, I think that travelling is such a daily routine, as eating, drinking or sleeping. This article, precisely, is a small try to show you that travelling is easy and it's a pleasure as well. And well, in case you know that already, good for you.

09/06/2009 - The main European artistic event for the youth in Girona and Vilanova is getting close
This summer, around 120 young Europeans from 15 different countries will participate in Act for Interculturality, which is the main artistic meeting for the youth at a continental level. Neagènia Intercultural, partner of, is going to coordinate this meeting, which gathers participants aged from 18 to 30 years, with the aim of encouraging creativity, interculturality and public-spirited participation.

27/03/2009 - Youth Office in Catalonia covers
What´s the relation between the ICT and volunteering? How can NGOs be active online? What does have to offer to other organisations?

We talk about these issues to Ramon Bartomeus, Resources Manager at and an experienced Third Sector consultant.

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15/06/2007 - Let’s play serious?

Through this note, we invite you to know Mediatk, a project of, beneficiary of , and in it activities are picked up to approach the resolution of the daily conflicts and generate a dialogue and civic participation.


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