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Women Empowerment, Child Labour....
Women Empowerment, Child Labour, G.C.Public School, Community Developement, Lively hood developement, and tribal developement program. The Society “Sahid Laxman Jubak Sangh” (SLAJUS), (Orissa, India) shall be a non-political, non- religious, non-partisan, non-governmental, secular and non-profit making Civil Society Organization devoted to protection, promotion, welfare and development of the schedule tribe (ST), schedule Cast (SC) and indigenous minority, vulnerable including women, children and most needy people.The society shall not at align itself with any Political, religious and/or communal ideology of any party inside or outside India..

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Documento de Objetivos

1. To provide better health care ,nutrition food and education for the needy children and women’s ,also try to provide health care facilities and sanitation work in tribal areas for all round development.

2. To start Lively developement programmes in Tribal, Remote, Rural area and also conduct issue base programme in collaboration with right base organizations and various active CSO’s.

3. To empower the Youth by conduct awareness programme, National Integration Programme, Sport’s Meets, Socio Economic Programmes and community mobilization Programmes.

4. To promote a sense of fellowship unity and community interest among different youth groups, community groups and different cast, religion feeling groups with a view to creation of condition for effective performance of public duty through good will and co operation

5. To protect child violation, women trafficking and Human right’s in every day life & Health Sector

6. To Forma Women Self Helf Groups of like minded womens in village level to working economic developement and community developement.


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