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Construction of a children's home in Mumbai, India
Association Kamathipura "Asskam". For 11 years, Asskam has been funding a night-care centre in Mumbai's red-light district, Kamathipura. More than 100 children receive protection, food and shelter every night. In the morning, the younger children attend the on-site nursery and the older children attend the municipal school. A doctor and psychologist pay weekly visits to the centre to tend to the children.

In order to better meet the children's needs and to offer them a safer future away from the dangers of sexual trafficking, Asskam started building a home in 2006 in a Mumbai suburb away from the red-light district, for 150 children. This home will include residential facilities and a training centre in a safe neighbourhood, which includes services such as schools and hospitals.

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Our overall objective is to protect children from the cycle of sexual trafficking to which their mothers have fallen victim. Emphasis is placed on educating the children and training them in a field that will ensure their financial independence. Our specific objectives are:

1. To continue financing the running of the night-care centre in Mumbai's red-light district for 100 children in danger.
2. To raise sufficient funds to complete the construction of a a children's home outside Mumbai's red-light distict which will welcome 150 children. This home will be called "Naunihal".
3. To finance the running of "Naunihal" in the long-term.


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