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The Society of Physically disabled persons-Bacau (Romania).Non governmental, non-profit, humanitarian organization, founded on the basis of the 107 PJ Law Decision from May, 03, 1990, at the initiative of a group of physically disabled people. Our mission is the social integration of the physically disabled people by creating conditions for an accessible environment and the legislative frame according to the Standard Rules regarding chance equalization for the physically disabled person. Our purpose is to create conditions for the equally and thoroughly participation of the physically disabled people to community life.

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Detalles del Proyecto
Nombre del Proyecto :
Lema : Life is a stairway that only together we can climb
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Contacto : Ms Poinaru dorina
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Descripció del Proyecto
What do we do? Social integration of the physically disabled adult by organizing:

- creative, recreative, socio-cultural activities (performances, trips, camps, visits to museums, watching plays etc)
- educational and instructive activities;
- social assistance: facility in getting some walking support devices (crutches, support frames, wheelchairs, prosthesis, orthesis, orthopedic shoes); material and financial assistance for the members of the organization; social counseling
- judicial counseling activities;
-attracting volunteers, informing and educating the public opinion on the « handicap phenomenon

1-Issues to be addressed by the project

  • The lack of the accessibility that limits the access with equal chances of the disabled people at the community’s life.
  • Only a few persons have access to information about the accessibility needed by the people with disabilities.
  • Using words and descriptions updated, inappropriate and which do not put people first: “the handicapped”, “deaf and dumb” instead of “persons with disabilities”, “persons with auditory impairments”. - Wrong conception about the person with disabilities.

Nowadays, in Romania, there is no web page that namely deals with the offering of information concerning the accessibility. The changes of the social framework do not take into consideration the need to create accessibility.

2. Specific activities will be carried out to implement the project.

The project “” will solve these issues through information’s campaign using a web page “” and the e-mail communication. The project’s activities are:

1. Setting up the staff and training activities for the work team

2. Preparing and editing the promotional materials of the project

3. The official launch of the project in a press-conference

4. Creating and updating the web page ”” and creating messages and e-mail communication

5. The evaluation of the project’s activities

3. Who specifically will benefit from project?

  • The direct beneficiaries of the project are the persons with disabilities. The official statistics from Romania indicate a number of 414,620 persons with disabilities. We estimate a number of 2,000,000 disabled persons (10 % from Romania’s population). They will benefit from the accessibility created as result of our campaign and from the information delivered by the web page “”. The companies and the public institutions will be forced to create accessibility, as they cannot use as an excuse the lack of information.
  • The indirect beneficiaries are the companies and the public institutions. There will be a number of 2,000 e-mail messages that will deliver information about accessibility, appropriate language and web page “”.
  • Another category of beneficiaries is the NGOs that deal with people with disabilities who will receive informative messages. Connecting to our web page “” they will find out about our experience and it will be easier for them to implement our methods in their districts. There will be a number of around 78 NGOs.
  • Each of the Romanians who use the Internet connections and who is interested in the problem of accessibility will have direct access to a web page that namely deals with the offering of information concerning this domain. We estimate a number of 8,000,000 visitors.

4. What are the expected results of the project.

Sustainable results

- A service of information about the accessibility needed by the people with disabilities. Web page “”

- Long term results:

  • The creation of the accessibility that offers the possibility of access with equal chances of the disabled people at the community’s life.
  • The right usage of the terms related to people with disabilities.
  • A realistic image of people with disabilities


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