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Women Empowerment, Child Labour....
Women Empowerment, Child Labour, G.C.Public School, Community Developement, Lively hood developement, and tribal developement program. The Society “Sahid Laxman Jubak Sangh” (SLAJUS), (Orissa, India) shall be a non-political, non- religious, non-partisan, non-governmental, secular and non-profit making Civil Society Organization devoted to protection, promotion, welfare and development of the schedule tribe (ST), schedule Cast (SC) and indigenous minority, vulnerable including women, children and most needy people.The society shall not at align itself with any Political, religious and/or communal ideology of any party inside or outside India..

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Detalles del Proyecto
Nombre del Proyecto : Women Empowerment, Child Labour....
Contacto : Pratap Kumar
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Descripció del Proyecto
The SLAJUS is a civil society organisation working for the avove said communities in orissa, which is the must backward area of state orissa. The SLAJUS was born in 20th January 1976 with some eminenet persons, wose come from must backward communities and area from state orissa.

The SLAJUS is a complete civil society organisation working for the tribal and needy peoples in orissa with innovative and sustainable approaches, always we are aquinted with the needy peoples and know all the intensions of the peoples and try to empower them for seld dependent.

The SLAJUS is registered under indian societies registration Act XXI of 1860 on 13th August 1986 and also registered under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act 1976 under ministry of Home affairs Government of India.

Our Motto to make peacefull and equal society with out any problems( gender equity, education for all, poverty eradication, right to justice and living) faced by people .

Recently we was conduct various projects for the needy communities and want to mainly describe the following few projects

1. Economic Empowerment of Tribal Women In Kandhamal Dist.

The project is focus on tribal womens covered 62 tribal women beneficiries from must backward and remote area of Kandhamal dist of state Orissa.

Through the project we have doing various activities for increase the income level of those womens and increase the standard of living. We have mainly try to Motivate them for self dependent and start a community business through SHGs.
We have setting a Turmeric Gring Huller for increase the income level of those womens, at the hullers they have worked 2/3 hours daily and earn Rs.50/- per day.

By this project we have try to use natural resources for their development and in this regards we have setting a Leaf Plate making unit , every day they have collecting Leaf Plate from Forest and making pressing those at the mechinary and selling those at state level markets with general price. The Whole Sellers are comeing to order the leaf plate and Turmeric Podwer . Every month the beneficiries were despatch the leaf plate around 3/4 loading trucks and earning sum of rupees as similar with their husbands and take active participation to contributing family income.

The beneficiries were very frompt now, they have build their own imege and create idol for other women . The near by villagers were follow their methods and ideas for getting the same and make intrest to participate on those projects.

By the implementing of project we are achive the project goal and create image of tribal women for economic growth. The project was big impact in the area of operation and create strong base for the all round developement of womens.

2. G.C.Public School

The one of the aim of our NGO is education for all and equal oppurtinities for all.

We have build G.C.Public School for the better education oppurtinities for poor, tribal, orphans, child labours, and droup outs children

G.C.Public School is a school which provide education to poor, underprivilaged & tribal children in remote, tribal & backward area of kandhamal district of state orissa.The school was establish 2 years ago by a NGO SAHID LAXMAN JUBAK SANGH (SLAJUS) with aim to provide educational oppurtinity to poor and tribal children and provide quality and better education with other additional support to allround future development of children.and also create good education automspheer by introduce them with Computer education in tribal, remote and inaccessable area.

The Kandhamal district is covered by poor, illetarate and tribal communities also this is covered by the big big hills and mountains which is the main reason to become the illeterate & poor also updated they are not communicate with out of kandhamal district. The area is really disconnected from education and developement so updated they are not able to show developement.

The peoples of Kandhamal district are very poor even must of families have not able to get twice meal in a day but they are working very hard but not getting expected returns and/or suitable salary. Also now days they are struggling to alive in society by facing various problems in daily life. So they are send their child to working and get some ruppees and /or food to maintain family .So they are not intrested to send their child to school. Also most of the Childrens are drouped out from the middle of education due to the above said reasons and have not able to bear educational expenses .

So the school was establish to the effort of provide free education among these children's and also provide other educational facilities at our school, but the school have not any permanent building so the childrens are sitting on our rented small building but it was not sufficient , because the enrollment in classes is increase in envery month so we are finding a open place near rented building and number of childrens are sitting under this open places and / or tree. So school have need its own building .

This year there is study 54 children and hope in future more childrens will study in our school. We are provide free education with other facilities and increase their talent to send them participate on different competations, Rallys, Exposour visits and sports at district & state level and also provide them computer education. We are trying that the poor, undrprivilaged & tribal children will get the education and able to stand independently and doing more social activities for nation building and also trying to provide better and remarkable return to society through our school, and decrease the burdens of poor and tribal people who have not able to sending their child to school. We propose this school as a residentioal school at where the number of boys/girls students will be staying and get the education with out and expensis.

BY the establishment of G.C.Public School 54 children were benefitted and also their parents were benefitted, The school is going to remarkable achievement for the social developement through sustainable and innovative educational methods, and in future it gives more return to society as need.

The SLAJUS have limited budget between Rs.10,00,000/- (Ten Lack) only indian curency. We have raise funds from Govt, Individuals and fundraising events.

SLAJUS have well and Qualified Management Body and MR. Pratap Kumar Pradhan is the chief Functionary of the organisation , he is about 26 years old and working with a youth mass with good communication from all the beneficiries, Govt. officials and Donor organisations etc.


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