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"While in Zambia I opened my laptop to show a small school room my church in Brooklyn NY and somehow being only a mile from the UN we have achieved what they can not. The kids and elders were amazed. This is just the seed planted. - Richard Close
Uganda - DSTV Desh on a hut at Pagak Internally Dispalced Persons Camp, Amuru District. the Dish is not connected because there is no electricity but its rather used its a technology used to boost the radio signals in the Camps. - Evalyne Achan
Islàndia és un gran país de només 300.000 habitants, amb extenses àrees despoblades, però tot perfectament comunicat, amb cobertura de mòbil pràcticament arreu i amb wifis lliures en els racons menys imaginables. Aquesta antena és un exemple del què ho fa possible. - Rubén Berenguel Montoro
I was passing by a dusty street in the suburbs of Timbuktu - the mythical at-the-end-of-the-world city in Mali, in the middle of the desert. You would expect to see only desert man and Tuaregs passing by or sleeping but... I noticed this Tuareg businessman talking on moblie in a very traditional, nomad style tent :) - Karolina Marcinkowska
I was assisting in a private ceremony called tromba in the city of Mahajanga, in Madagascar. The medium was already in trace, believed to be possessed by a spirit of a Sakalava king from the XVIII-th century. She was already dressed in the traditional, malagasy clothes and prepared for helping and reading the future. At once, she (he) took a mobile and phoned to some clients who wanted to assist at the ceremony and had some questions to pose at the king. Great example of sincretism and spiritual use of a mobile - Karolina Marcinkowska
On a humid Thursday afternoon I was walking down Valletta's virtually empty side streets when I came across this surreal situation: in a huge open garage/workshop/coffin maker's shop, two girls were sitting in front of exhibited coffins, with an improvised table for notebook, surfing on internet (they told me this). I found out that they were sisters and were very excited that I took their photo. - Kristina Grubisic

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