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Join the iWith team launches the #TransparenciaONG campaign

Why are we doing this?

As a society we ask non-profit organizations to be models of transparency in their use of public funds and of the donations they receive.
New laws are emerging in various countries requiring transparency in such, and we are therefore responding to requests from several organizations by developing a tool to manage their transparency in an easy and orderly manner.

What are we offering?

The creation of the Transparency Portal so that organizations can provide, at no cost, a Transparency Web which is compliant with the new laws and clearly explains the accounts to the public. This Portal will be editable and will form part of the domain. You can see the example here.


How do you participate in the Campaign? 

Anyone can participate. To do this, you must cite the organization that will be the beneficiary of the Transparency Portal on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #TransparenciaONG. You can also join Teaming or share our campaign in your social networks.

Frequently Asked Questions


Tweet: Solicito beca #TransparenciaONG para ............. via ¿Y tu? #GivingTuesday

Participate via Twitter

You can participate with the campaign Tweet by clicking on this icon. You just have to replace the parenthesis with the name of your chosen entity. Check that the hashtag #TransparenciaONG is displayed in your Tweet!


Participate via Teaming

We think that transparency is not about money, but about will, so we invite you to join Teaming with a symbolic donation of 1€ per month to support the campaign. 
Solicito beca #TransparenciaONG para ............. via ¿Y tu? #GivingTuesday

Participate via Facebook

You can also request the Transparency Portal via Facebook. Like Twitter, you can add an image, such as:
- The campaign poster which can be downloaded here.
- The logo of the entity for which you are requesting the Portal.
- A photo related to the campaign.
Cartel de la campaña