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Join the iWith team Grants offers different grants designed to help organizations and non-profit projects take advantage of the opportunities that the Internet provides.

Currently open call: Sports awards, until November 26th.

Eligibility criteria for all grants
At we help the Third and Fourth sectors - NGOs, associations, social entrepreneurs and socially responsible companies - to make use of the opportunities that the Internet offers in order to better our world. grants are available to nonprofit organizations that comply with the legislation on non-profit entities in the countries in which they operate, work towards improving our world and are approved by the Scholarship Committee.

To apply for any grant, it is necessary:
- to have the ability and tools necessary for videoconferences
- to speak Spanish, English or Catalan

Every month, the Scholarship Committee contacts all the applicants and communicates the results of deliberation and instructions needed to access to the appropriate service.

Questions and support
Questions or requests for support of any kind can be sent through the support form available at

Project fundraising
- does not finance third-party projects.
- The program refers to in-kind donations and provision of services.

In addition to the aids mentioned above, offers the possibility of accessing an advice grant for those organizations that want to improve some aspect of their Internet presence:




             Advice Grant


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