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Grant for Assessment Session

Utilize assessment sessions in order to take advantage of the Internet opportunities for non-profit organizations. Typically this is centered upon communication, social networks, Web 2.0, translations, e-mail marketing, fundraising, training, databases, voluntary service, etc. Regardless of the help needed, we are focused on the Internet.

Two videoconference work sessions and a list of recommendations are included.

- During the first assessment session, the organization may explain its project in detail as well as its current Internet activity. Objectives and opportunities are identified and different alternatives related to the use of the Internet are assessed jointly.

- The document created by contains a list of recommendations, including the most significant contributions from the assessment session as well as concrete suggestions.

- The second session includes a discussion of the document and discussing potential issues so that the organization can make such changes on its own or together with

The application should be filled out through the form available at:
Confirmation will be received after the monthly session of the Scholarship Committee.




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