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Digital Emotion Grant

We have been accepting applications for the Digital Emotion Grant, which involved the creation of a promotional video for projects aiming to improve the world. The goal was appealing to the society with a video piece of high emotional impact, and in turn, help create a world we want to live in. The Digital Emotion Grant is a joint initiative with Inuit Films, a creative production company focused on creating video communication strategies for different organisations.

Application process

Who was involved?

The project was jointly developed by three members: Inuit Films, and the beneficiary organization of the Digital Emotion Grant. 
  • we provide coordination, organization and talent to seize the opportunities the internet can offer to the project. We also provide an advertising campaign of Google AdWords with a $ 5000 investment program financed by the Google For NonProfit program. 
  • Inuit Films: creativity, technical knowledge and basic elements for the production: film crew, montage and image and sound editing. 
  • Beneficiary project: description of the need for communication, briefings, possible travel expenses, diets and extra elements (e.g. cost of actors, music, speakers, translations, etc.) if necessary. The organisation promises to share the video through its media and social base.

What the procedure was?

- Submission of proposals  (15/10/2016 to 28/2/2017)

- Quarterly meeting of the Grant Committee to look over the applications (from 28/2/2017) 

- Resolution and communication (10/3/2017)

- Time to develop ideas (during March) 

- Creation and video production (April 2017)

- Video Publishing (May and June 2017)

- Advertising campaing (June 2017)

What did the Digital Emotion Grant include?

A short, high quality video that has the ability to have an impact on society (two copies will be released, one to share on the Internet). It also includes sessions working with Inuit Films and, both in person or online.

- Briefing meeting to understand the project and its needs.
- Meeting to explain the creative idea. This includes: a discussion briefing and making decisions about the commitments of each member.
- Work meetings to coordinate the entire project.
- Meeting to exhibit the project.
- Reviews and comments.
- Last meeting, presentation and delivery of material.

Due to the fact that the project we were working on with our major organisation suffered from changes and delays, we inform that we are currently collaborating just with the 8 other entities to whom we offered the Accésit: Grandalla
ASPANIAS Association, La Muntanyeta - APPC Tarragona,  Gil Gayarre Foundation, Upacesur Atiende Foundation, Estimia Foundation, Esclat Association

SUENOS_DE_HEROES_h264 from xavier barange brun on Vimeo.

This video starring Messi, celebrated on the FUNDTV Awards in Buenos Aires, is a good example of the possible successes of the Digital Emotion Grant. 


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