Iwith.org Photo Event 2009
Guidelines for Iwith.org's 2009 Summer Photo Contest

1. The purpose of Iwith.org's Summer Photo Contest is to raise awareness about the "digital divide" using your vacation pictures.

2. Anyone may participate in this contest regardless of age, nationality, or residence, and may contribute a maximum of 3 of his or her own original photographs. Iwith.org is not responsible for the accuracy of any information provided. The person submitting the photograph is ultimately responsible for the photo's authenticity and originality.

3. Subject matter – For photographs to be accepted and selected, they should show the impact of the digital divide. Photos with content that is intolerant, inhumane or that the judges deem offensive shall not be accepted.

4. The size of the photographs should not exceed 800 x 600 pixels. You may use any photo editing software (Photoshop, Paint, etc.). Iwith.org reserves the right to edit and change the resolution of the photographs.

5. Photographs should be sent to Iwith.org using our web form. By submitting a photograph to the contest, you accept the Creative Commons license, through which the Iwith.org Foundation is authorized to publish the photograph on the site www.iwith.org so that Internet users can view it and downloaded it freely and without cost.

6. From the instant photos we receive, we will select a few that reflect the purposes of raising awareness about the digital divide. The photographers of the selected photos shall give Iwith.org the right to publish them in any form, and they understand that Iwith.org may include the photographs in a calendar promoting its work.

7. The photographers who are selected will:

* See their photos published on the Iwith.org website and will receive recognition for themselves and their university, school, or NGO.
* Will be named as members of Iwith.org for 2010.

8. The deadline for submission is September 20, 2009.

Photographs will be published starting September 27, 2009.

Thank you ahead of time for sharing your photographs and collaborating with us!