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The foundation is an international non-profit organization with the mission of helping the Third and Fourth sector in taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet.

It was founded in 2001 to actively participate in the development of less favored regions and vulnerable populations. In its beginnings, it was a pioneer in the application of training through the Internet with the program Ab-soo "Share to educate", in which organizations from Mexico, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic and Ecuador participated.

During this time, the foundation has developed Abcore Cadí Internet Services Platform, a tool that hundreds of organizations are using to manage their web and networking projects.

The volunteering is managed by a professional team that is committed to the betterment of society. Over the years, volunteers have accompanied us from different parts of the world to help us accomplish our mission. The volunteering aspect of is focused on the field of web development and digital communication, and collaborates actively with non-profit organizations.

                                                     Thanks to all who have contributed to with their talent