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Email Marketing

In, we understand that being able to manage the email is a vital element for non-profit organisations. In this regard, emails can be the main communication channel, both internally and externally, for non-profits such as NGOs, Third sector organisations, social entrepreneurs and solidarity-based enterprises. 

What benefits can you obtain?

  • Use of a reliable and complete e-mail service, plus management of all email addresses of your organisation.
  • Management and update of your subscribers and contacts lists.
  • Creation and delivery of email marketing campaigns, press releases and personalised bulk emails.
  • Management tools for your e-bulletins, newsletters, etc.
  • Marketing campaigns’ statistics and revision through detailed reports on numbers of clicks, opening rates, unique users, forwards etc.
  • Manage your NGO forms with automatic responses.

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There is a whole universe of services based on email

There is a whole universe of services centered upon email.


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