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Management of Google Grants

Several organizations have non-profit non-profit donation programs: among others, Google, Microsoft, Vodafone Adobe, Amazon Web Services, Autodesk, Bitdefender, Box, Cisco, Canva, Sheetgo, Symantec, Tableau, Veritas.

From we manage the application for non-profit grants, contributing with our knowledge and experience.

One of these helps is Google Ad Grants.
Google Ad Grants
If you are an organization, foundation or cooperative declared of public utility you can opt for the Google Ad Grants grant that will allow you to have free advertising on Google. The more times your ads appear next to the Google Search results, the more people will know your cause and this can translate into more awareness, more partners and/or volunteers, donations or merchandising sales.

Post text ads on the results of Google Search with a grant of USD 10,000 per month in the form of non-pecuniary advertising. Reach new advocates for your cause while saving resources to invest in what matters most to you.

You can also track online donations, subscriptions to newsletters and volunteer registration to find out who helps boosting your organization.

From we help you both in the process of applying for the scholarship and obtaining it, as well as in its implementation. Ask us to help you think, define, plan, write or jointly manage your ideas and turn them into ad campaigns on Google.

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From we help you to increase visibility of your cause

We manage resources to improve the society

We manage resources to improve the society


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