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Support Levels

Regardless of the tools and software organizations used to achieve Internet communication goals, offers three support levels that enable organizations to focus on their tasks by taking advantage of the resources and opportunities Internet offers.

Support Levels
  Technical Support User Support Organization Support
Goal Online updating and maintenance of software. Individualized training and advice in using the utilized applications. Training and strategic advice to manage communications and an Internet presence.
What we do We oversee the hardware and software that manages email, domains and web services as well as system updates. We help the user to use and configure services so that they can use the Internet with ease for their organization. We help the organization capitalize on the opportunities offered by the Internet, keeping your online presence and making suggestions towards improvement according to the agreed initial report. 
Excluded Hardware and software on the user's local disk. Posting content or new features. Tasks not related to the initial report.
Conditions Previous technical report defining the included software. User identification Previous initial report starting with the relation of monthly tasks.


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