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First impressions of the second edition

We have began the second edition of "Introducción a la formación On-line" and we have the first impressions.

“Introducción a la Formación On-line” second edition had begun at 26th of January 2004. The acquired experience in the first edition, the pilot course, has been a positive element in the moment to affront this new course challenges.

Fist dayFifteen days after this beginning, we have the first impressions. The students had done yet the first activities to know better the campus and their companions. It must be detached the support that they are receiving from pilot course students, who are helping them in the handling of the campus. They also indicate the new students the importance to assist at the presence sessions for the well work of blended learning.

Nowadays, thirty-eight students are participating in the second edition of “Introducción a la Formación On-line” that is imparted in two virtual classes proportioned by UOC’s Campus for Peace. The professional profiles of the students include secretaries, carpenters, tailors, teachers, drivers,…

The docent teams:

The virtual classes furnished by UOC’s Campus for Peace are coordinated by Arantxa Uribe-Echevarría Diago and Isabel Sales García, who were teachers of the “Introducción a la Formación On-line” first edition in the (•Ab•soo•) program of Foundation. Arantxa Uribe-Echevarría is graded of the postgraduate course Online Formation Technician and she is UOC’s Coordination and Docent Administration Technician. Isabel Sales is licentiate of Romanic Philology, graduate in teaching profession and teacher of UOC’s postgraduate course Online Formation Technician.

StudentThe group coordinated by Arantxa Uribe-Echevarría is teached by Félix Díaz (teacher of Psychology of Communication in UOC) and María Eugenia Arruti (licentiate in Pedagogy and Psychopedagogy).  They are the teachers of 19 students, 13 women and 6 men who are between 19 and 45 years old, and who will revert their formation in educative centers of Jutiapa (Mexico), Querétaro (Guatemala) and Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic).

In the other hand, Isabel Sales coordinate the group initially composed by Jordi Solsona (licentiate in Pedagogy) and Gemma Bello (licentiate in Sociology and Politic Sciences). For personal reasons, Jordi has ceded his teacher place to Luis Mari González de Txabarri Miranda (licentiate in Basque Philology and Pedagogy), who was collaborating in the assessment of the (•Ab•soo•) program organizational structure and who was very moved to participate directly in students formation. 19 Mexican and Guatemalan student compose this group.

We are very pleased to count with these great professionals who has offered their time and dedication in a volunteer way.

For more information about local educative centers:

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