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Success means nothing without the small day-to-day progress that enable us to carry on.

Today, at we are in the position to say that we have achieved a small ambition. After two years of focused efforts in the Ab·soo programme, and specifically in the " Share to Educate " project together with UOC’s Campus for Peace, we can finally demonstrate that e-learning works and it is a valid tool in development education.







Now, with successful results in our hands and with the fulfilling experience of a well done job, we want to share with other Non Profit Organizations (NPOs)our strategies for a proper application of e-learning in the Third Sector. We are convinced that MTE (E-learning Transfer Model) will be a key project for training in NPOs.

Correspondingly, since Ab·soo has demonstrated it can work by itself, the moment has come to focus all resources in empowering the performance of  Ab·core, our integrated Internet services platform.
Ab·core is more than a communications tool. Ab·core implies a change in the organization culture in NPOs: invigorating results, integrating efforts, sharing objectives, …

In conclusion, in we have completed a cycle and opened a new era. However, nothing has changed: we will keep on working to avoid the digital exclusion in the Third Sector. We will keep on working to help those who are helping.

24/10/2004 Team
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