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Latin-American World Agenda 2006 adds its outlook to the Latin-American World’s Agenda 2006.

The Agenda is Latin America’s annual most broadcasted book inside and out of the American continent, and it is edited in Catalan, Spanish, English and Portuguese.

The 2006 Agenda approaches the topic of the information society, and it is in this framework that provides its vision about the digital divide, forecasting the role of the continent in the coming decades, from a global Network vision.

Pedagogical use of the Agenda

Together with personal use, the Agenda is designed as a pedagogical tool for communicators, people mentors, pastoral educators, group leaders, active members... Texts are always quick and brief, presented under the pedagogical idea of the “signboard-page”, conceived and planned in a way that, if directly photocopied, it can be given away as a “work tool” at school, group meetings, adult alphabetization ... or presented in the billboard. At the same time, the texts might be transferred to the association bulletins or local magazines.

You can get it through any of the editors and distributors in Europe or America.

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