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Foundations Ashekor Internacional and open grant programme to modernize Catalan NGOs.

The total amount of the grants is 60,000 € addressed to support new technology and volunteer Works.

Do you work in a foundation, association or NGO where resources to support volunteer Works are needed? Do you want to make the most of Internet and update your web easily? This is the opportunity you were looking for.

ASHEKOR INTERNACIONAL, with headquarters in Catalonia and Argentina and, in Barcelona and Switzerland, along with Vilaseca Abogados hold out their hands to volunteer Works and organizations’ updating.

Aware of how important Internet is for Catalan organisations working mainly on immigration, childhood, third age and handicapped, they have announced web project grants 2007 that allow Catalan NLOs to have access to’s programme Ab•Core in order to improve their webs management and their presence in internet. At the same time, they have summoned Volunteer Award 2007 of 39,000 Euro addressed to reward the three best initiatives on this environment in Catalonia.
The bases and application forms for the volunteer awards are available at, the deadline to summit the application form is December the 31st of 2007. However the grants for web projects are given in a monthly basis, from June to December 2007 so it is advisable to summit the requests by the 15th of every month. You can find the bases and the form for the Web Project programme 2007 at

Ashekor Internacional was created in 1998 and its main aim is to foster charitable and humanitarian tasks of any kind, no matter the race, believes or religion. is a non lucrative organisation whose aim is to help other NLOs to improve their communication and diligence through Internet. One of their programmes is Ab·core and intends to make organizations more familiar with Internet services (web pages management, e-mail, newsletters, virtual communities, etc). This programme helps to analyse the NLO’s needs in order to propose and develop technological tools adapted to the typical features of the Third Sector organizations and what is more important, make them participate in the process since the tools have been previously tested to ensure that a non-skilled user can update his web and use the different tools in Internet.


Translation by Raquel Pulgar López
on 12/06/2007
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