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Alas para todos slowly begins its technological flight

Alas para todos (Wings for everyone) is a Catalonian organization that came knocking on our door with the urgent need of an e-mail in order to fly to Ecuador.  A little over a month later they were benefiting from one of the scholarships for 2007 web projects, they have their own web domain, e-mail and a temporary homepage that little by little will be taking shape.

Alas Para Todos  is a private non-profit foundation which is currently in the process of being constituted and registered in the State Competency Foundations Registry. The foundation’s final objective is to promote all types of social interest activities related to the assistance, incorporation, and social promotion of boys and girls that are handicapped or in an especially risky or needy situation or without financial resources; and in general, cooperating for infant and youth development.

The Foundation’s first project will be in Ecuador where, collaborating with the local counterpart Interayuda, they will work towards guaranteeing the development and continuity of an Infant Home located in Tumbaco, south of Quito.

Understanding the importance of the Internet as a window to the world, they have asked for our help so that they may have their own web page and a card which they can present online so that they can publicly announce their projects, offer up-to-date information to their collaborators and possible donors and to support social consciousness. This is what we are working on now!!

Translation by Heather Dawson
on 23/07/2007
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