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SMEs as part of an interesting debate in the Ab•core platform

Once more, the Ab•core Platform will host a European campus, this time under the leadership of the Fundació Ciutat de Viladecans. We are referring to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs for short), which act as main drivers of the European community today, both in Eastern and Western countries, but which must redefine themselves to face the challenges of international competition.

During the last years, SMEs have lost part of their competitive advantage due an international competition that is growing and fast-responding. As a consequence of this, many SMEs must urgently redefine their strategies and their orientation for competitiveness if they want to have the chance to strengthen their position in the market or even survive. Amidst this context, some SMEs seem to use an efficient method that allows them to face competition and enhance their cooperation with their surroundings: experience and the debate in academic circles lead to the admission that supporting the SMEs´added value processes is necessary, by promoting activities based on the interorganisation, the interconnection and the creation of expert local communities (i.e. businessmen, managers and technical staff).

The debate, which is hosted in The's Ab·core Platform, aims precisely at supporting the training of facilitators in collaboration with SMEs, so that they can acquire skills related to this combination of action-learning, which will result in the SMEs working together. The idea is for the so-called SMEactor to come to light there.

The Fundación Ciudad de Viladecans, beneficiary of, is going to lead this project; other participants will be UNIMPRESA, from Romania, the University of Dortmund, the "Bekescsabai Vallalkozoi Centrum" (BIC), the Istituto Guglielmo Tagliacarne (IGT), the FORIM – Formazione e Promozione per le Imprese (Training and promotion for enterprises), the Team srl, the Karol Adamiecki University of Economics in Katowice (UNIKATOWICE) and the Universitatea "Aurel Vlaicu" (AVU ARAD).

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Translation by Elena Robles
on 23/07/2007
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