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Public consultation to prepare the European e-Inclusion Strategy

The European Commission launches an on-line public consultation to gather more views on e-Inclusion (digital inclusion) following the statistics that revealed the deficiencies in gaining access to ICT that exist in Europe.

A few days ago we informed you about "Growing old in the information society", the name of the action plan recently put forward by the European Commission (EC) in the light of statistics that state that in the EU 21% of those over 50 have problems accessing or using regularly the new information and communications technologies (ICT), particularly the Internet, for reasons of sight, hearing and dexterity.

Now, the European Commission is launching an on-line public consultation to gather more views on e-Inclusion (digital inclusion) and the sub-topics:

*e-accessibility, competencies and digital awareness,
*information and communications technology for cultural diversity, for older people and the rôle of interest groups in achieving the objectives of e-Inclusion.

In the publication “i2010 – A European Information Society for Growth and Employment” it is laid down that the Commission must launch a European Initiative on e-Inclusion in 2008. So, with the aim of preparing the initiative, the Commission has proposed a “joint communiqué” for e-Inclusion containing the views gathered during this consultation which will be available on-line until August 15, 2007.

Any opinion on the subjects included in the questionnaires may be sent to:

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Translation by Christopher Carver
on 24/07/2007
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